A Brief History of Black Obsidian and Its Uses

For thousands of years, Black Obsidian has been used across the world for its abundance of powerful abilities and healing methods. What is Black Obsidian? Black obsidian is a stone that is formed naturally after a volcanic eruption when lava cools rapidly. Its dark color and shiny glass-like texture make Black Obsidian an attractive and sought after raw material. Today we will be discussing the history and uses of Black Obsidian as a natural tool and spiritual item.

Let's talk about the history of Black Obsidian! Obsidian has been used in the past and present by Native American cultures and Ancient civilizations around the world to create weapons and tools. It was also used by the Ancient Aztecs and Greek civilizations to create mirrors! For these civilizations, Black Obsidian could create a stepping stone into spiritualism and the spiritual realm. It is said that these Black Obsidian mirrors could have been used to see into the future.1 These are just a few examples of how different cultures have used Black Obsidian throughout time. Obsidian has been used for thousands of years and is considered a precious metal, because of its high value and abundance in energy. Black Obsidian has also been used for jewelry and ritualistic items2. Its color and texture alone make Black Obsidian a beautiful stone that anyone wouldappreciate and use.

Today, Black Obsidian is frequently used for spiritualistic purposes in the forms of stones, crystals, tools, and jewelry. Black Obsidian can be used spiritually to remove unwanted energy, for grounding purposes, and to maintain an overall balance in the body3. Grounding is a huge factor in why Black Obsidian is popularly used today. Staying grounded to Mother Earth can be an amazing healing experience for a person’s psyche, which is why many people often keep a Black Obsidian stone near them at all times. Black Obsidian can help aid an individual in feeling centered, present, and grounded with the earth, mind, body, and spirit.

At Koa + Roy, our Gua Sha Tools are made from Black Obsidian and can assist a user in stimulating blood flow within their face and body. The Gua Sha has healing properties of its own, but paired with the raw material Black Obsidian, this tool can be used to relieve mental stress and negative thoughts with its protective energies.

Ultimately, it is no surprise that Black Obsidian has been used across cultures for a great number of years. It has powerful abilities that are believed to protect one’s mind, body, and spirit. To aid in maintaining energy flow throughout the body, you might want to get your hands on some Black Obsidian— it won’t disappoint!

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By Noel Jensen

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