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Grab your Wellness Cube any time you feel achy and overwhelmed.

Take time to relax and indulge in self-care.

All-Natural - Effective - Unique - each plants one tree

"Feel the good" with our zero waste Body Care products

Apply the Recovery Cube after strenuous workouts for targeted relief.

Speed up your recovery after a tough workout.

Exchange massages from the comfort of your home with the Massage Cube.

Connect with your special person.


Made with high quality, entirely safe, plant based ingredients


Uniquely formulated with high-quality ingredients to work wonders on your body


Packaged in hemp paper and sealed with biodegradable fiber stickers


Planting trees for each product sold to support reforestation

Live like there is a tomorrow

Your body - your temple

Your body needs care

Your body & mind work around the clock and need some special treatment as much as they need a healthy diet, fresh air, and frequent exercise. Massaging your body with KOA+ROY body care cubes will not only recharge you, but also provide a sense of relief due to the combined powers of the natural ingredients the cubes have been crafted with.

Your "feel-good-self" can feel even better knowing that KOA+ROY body care cubes are free of chemicals, packaged in biodegradable hemp paper, and each plants a tree to support reforestation efforts across the globe.

Two women with a big mission


We built KOA+ROY with a strong passion for sustainability, health and wellness in sunny San Diego.

We strongly hold the belief that it is the responsibility of businesses to preserve the environment, drive a positive social change, and never cut corners when it comes to quality of products.

Adriana & Inga

What you put on your skin matters


Have you ever considered the long-term effects of cosmetic chemicals on your body? We have! What you use on your body matters to us! We are committed to using only natural, plant-based, sustainably sourced, and yet effective ingredients in all our products.

Each Product Sold = Trees Planted


Over 30% of the worlds' forests have been depleted. We made it our mission to reforest the world! Each cube in your possession represents a tree planted. We partner with the non-profit organizations One Tree Planted and Trees for Future to support their reforestation programs across the globe. Thank you for planting trees with us!

Making plastic-free body care a habit


Our earth is covered in plastic. Under the most optimal conditions, petroleum-based plastic products can take more than 1,000 years to biodegrade. Recycling alone does not solve this problem, as only about 9% is actually recycled.

That's why we are re-inventing body-care to avoid plastic all-together. Our products are packaged in compostable hemp paper and sealed with plant based compostable stickers.

Reducing plastic footprint


Our partnership with Clean Hub further helps us reduce our footprint. Clean Hub is collecting non-recyclable plastics for every sale on our behalf before the waste reaches the ocean in high impact locations. After the clean up, majority of the non-recyclable plastics are turned into alternative fuel.

Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live.