Massage cube with CBD helps to reduce pain and discomfort, all natural ingredients, plastic-free


The all-natural, effective, and earth-friendly solution for soothing your achy muscles and sore joints. BUY YOUR CUBE

Crafted in small batches and individually hand-poured

Made with high quality, safe, plant-based ingredients

Uniquely formulated to work wonders on your body

One tree is planted for each massage cube purchased

Massage Experience

Reduce Discomfort

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"I really like that it is a cube because for my leg it helps break up the soft tissue and knots along my heel/ achilles when I use the corners and edges. For other areas of my sore leg I use the flat surfaces which works our pretty well."

Adam - Triathlon Athlete, San Diego

"The packaging and product are absolutely brilliant! I've been using it daily on my sore neck, and the discomfort goes away. Also, after over-sunning, it is relieving the sensitivity and keeping the skin soft. I love how smoothly and evenly it glides on."

Eileen - San Diego

"I gave the cube as a preset to my stepmom and this is what she messaged: I have hurt my right shoulder to the point that my other CBD lotion is not helping that much anymore. I started using the cube on it and it is giving me some major relief!!! I am so glad you gave it to me!"

Cameron - San Diego

"I was skeptical at first but needed to find something to help with my lower back pain. This massage cube works wonders, I use it every morning and night and my lower back pain is gone! I have bought these for all my friends! Highly recommend!!"

Alex - San Diego

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