How Many People are Going Green?

The idea of “going green” is not necessarily a new concept. It has grown in popularity over the years but has evolved as well. Now, going green does not simply mean we shout the mantra “Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!” as we toss a soda can into the blue bin instead of the black one. The movement does not only rely on the individual but society at large. Companies are doing what they can to go green, and this is beyond having a designated area for CRV in their workplaces. Policies, processes, and sourcing all go into being “green,” especially when it comes to skincare.  
Beauty Independent recently released an article discussing the Hairstory Sustainability Summit, noting some of the changing practices and popular searches when it comes to clean and natural beauty. In new ways, the idea of going green is rising in popularity again. Consumers drive the market and the demand, and companies follow. Based on searches from consumers, this greatly influences what the market will look like in response. Many brands have jumped on the sustainability bandwagon for just such a reason. This is not to say that there aren’t companies out there being clean and sustainable for the sake of the planet. There are many. But it would not be accurate to say that customer input and demand have had no sway on the market. Now, as the desire for sustainable beauty products is on the rise, would be a good time for companies to respond, and offer what the consumer wants. 
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Beauty products that are reusable and refillable have gained admiration in today’s society as they have become popular searches on the internet. This is a specific approach to sustainability, steering away from single-use or disposable products. A component to the rise in this desire can certainly be attributed to the pandemic, and the need for reusable masks, but this alone has not set the stage for this trend. The search has been consistent for long enough that the shift is speculated to be here to stay. This is what the people want for the long term. 
Another popular search on the rise is that of vegan products, specifically when it comes to hair care—vegan has to do with animal-sourced ingredients. In essence, it is a category of natural ingredients, though not every natural ingredient or product is vegan by default.   
In terms of natural or clean haircare and skincare, recently consumers are focusing more on what a product is free of rather than what it is made of. Whereas searches for specific ingredients or ingredient types used to be the more popular option, such as looking for organic ingredients; more and more searches have been focused on wording such as “paraben-free” and the like. What does the product not contain that contributes to its clean or natural categorization? 
At the beginning of the “going green” movement, small steps were enough. It mattered merely that people and companies were headed in the right direction. Nowadays, the result is more important. Consumers do not wonder if a company is striving to be clean and eco-friendly and sustainable. They wonder if a company is clean and eco-friendly and sustainable—KOA+ROY is doing just that. It is not enough to merely be clean, it is a package deal. What sets you apart from other companies? What makes you the brand to come to for natural beauty? What makes you green?
Written by Sharayah Hooper
Photo by Daria Shevtsova

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