Importance of Eco Friendly Products

It is easy to get used to mainstream beauty products thanks to their ease and convenience. But is this the best way to go? Shopping for eco-friendly beauty products is becoming easier as their popularity catches on. But why are so many turning to these green and sustainable products? The answer itself is simple as well—there are more benefits to going green when it comes to beauty. Both All Beauty and aModrn offer insight into these advantages.


Organic and eco-friendly products can help your skin. By definition, they do not contain any harsh chemicals and there are no synthetic fillers in these products. And as such, they are gentler on your skin, less likely to cause breakouts or irritation when applied. With this healthier skin, you will require less makeup as there are fewer blemishes and red patches to cover up. The less makeup you use, the healthier your skin will be as well. In addition, ingredients that are better for your skin are also better for your body. The harsh chemicals of mainstream products not only do damage to your skin but can harm your body as well. 
Less is More
It is the nature of eco-friendly products to go a long way—you require less of the product to accomplish the same goal as mainstream products, and as such, your purchases last longer. This practice not only benefits the environment as the turnaround for purchasing and producing these products is longer, but this is also a better bang for your buck. You save money as the time between repurchasing grows. 
Good for the Environment
Perhaps the most significant benefit of eco-friendly products is what they do for the environment. To begin, many of the products are refillable and so produce less waste. This tactic uses space and packaging to the best of their ability and makes for fewer plastic bottles and boxes cluttering landfills. In addition, single-use products are one-and-done, meaning that not only do you need to keep repurchasing small bottles, but companies need to keep making those bottles that are only used for a limited time frame.
Eco-friendly products benefit the environment not only through their packaging but through their ingredients as well. Many companies striving to go green take into consideration what their ingredients are and how they are grown or gathered. In this way, every aspect of the product makes a difference. 
At KOA +ROY, we do our part to aid the environment through our business. We offer natural products with no chemicals that contain plant-based ingredients such as illipe butter, mango butter, cocoa butter, aloe vera, arnica flower, and CBD isolate. As well, the ingredients are sustainably sourced. With each purchase of one of our products, a tree is planted, helping to replace the ones that have been cut down to feed a high-waste society. In all, our business centers around providing the best possible products for our customers and a healthy alternative that benefits the environment. 
The Takeaway 
There are many good reasons for switching to eco-friendly beauty products, not the least of which is the benefit they have on the environment in the long run. They are a healthy and advantageous choice when it comes to healthcare. While a few years ago they may have been difficult to come by, their value has spoken for itself and increased their popularity. It is relatively simple to conduct a quick internet search and find a plethora of options for eco-friendly beauty products. KOA + ROY is one of many options. Find your perfect fit and begin your journey to healthy skin and a healthier environment. 
Written by Sharayah Hooper
Photo by Alena Koval

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