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Article: So You Want To Practice Minimalism

So You Want To Practice Minimalism

So You Want To Practice Minimalism

We hear the word ‘minimalism’ a lot, right? Even still, it can sometimes seem like a far fetched idea to become a minimalist. What does it mean to live minimalistically? Do we have to throw away everything we own to be a part of the club? Well, it seems that anything we decide to do becomes our own, and no matter how much inspiration we have pulled from around us, it is our unique style that creates the living change in each one of our lives. The same goes for a goal like minimalism. We can allow our unique characteristics to create the perfect situation for each of us. One that can be sustainable, creative, and promote minimalist practice.

Minimalism Redefined

Minimalism is what we make it. Now, does that mean we can have Amazon boxes stacked high in our garage and feel the tranquil effects of minimalism? Maybe not. However, it is the habits we create for ourselves that can truly declutter our home and headspace. So to redefine the dogma around this adopted practice, one must set their own personal and practical boundaries. Where do you feel needs the most decluttering? That can be within or around you. 

Decluttering The Space

Maybe it is time to clean out the closet to give to friends and second hand stores. This really helps the appreciation of releasing things that were once held on to but never used. The joy of another finding time to wear or use those things is fulfilling and contagious. Are you a social butterfly? Make it into an event! Host clothing swaps where your friends and neighbors can drop a bag off and fill a bag up! This rings the sustainable bell as well since you have just encouraged many people to shop alternative to fast fashion. Way to go!

Decluttering The Soul

Decluttering our inner space is just as important, if not MORE important because what we do within sets the tone for what we can do without. What do you feel you would do without so many things around? What if a bigger leap were taken and it was decided to throw out everything you own except complete necessity. What would we do without any distraction, and would it contribute to our well being? That is why it is important to prepare the mind to let go. It will mean more to our life’s journey to attach meaning to the detachment we’re practicing. Let the clothes being given away represent an old habit you wish to fully let go. Or take on the challenge of using 1 straw and bamboo pack of utensils everyday, all the time. The care that must be taken to constantly wash and keep them on your person is discipline and responsibility in action, in a minimalistic way.

The Habits of “This - Before - That”

We’ve already mentioned secondhand before fast fashion. Let’s list some more “This For That”’s

  • Cooking Whatever Is Around The House -  Before -  Eating Out
  • Sewing -  Before - Rebuying
  • E-Books - Before - Hardback
  • Giving Everything A Place - Before -  Throwing In a Junk Drawer

Upcycled Crafting

Nothing is more exciting than a box of random recycled things to repurpose for crafts on a night in with our family and loved ones. All you have to do is create a challenge and use the recycled tools you have around to create… 

  • Crazy Hats And Outfits
  • Cardboard Forts Space Ships
  • Tin Can Band Instruments
  • A Board Game To Make Up The Rules Too

Our imaginations will never let us down if we give them the time to come to the surface and flourish with our boundaries. The ideas don’t stop there, repurposing the things we once loved make amazing gifts for the holidays. The sentiment in “this use to be my favorite” is priceless.

Sustainable Self Care

Minimalism can help decide what is truly best for our self care routine. Most of the things that we follow along with that look cool on social media aren’t always what we need to center ourselves individually. Finding out what that special routine is and investing in a quality tribute to it will show the luxury around minimalism. When we aren’t trying every new thing on the market, then we can invest in that golden ticket item that lasts us forever and will always be on our side. 

Our favorite face mask or body scrub, which there will be links below for homemade versions of, or our favorite dessert or coffee could be purchased more often with less purchases on other things. Meanwhile, keeping our reusable cups in mind will contribute to a full circle of sustainable minimalism, and it will feel sooooo good! 

Minimalism has helped many let go of the constant need to control, and to appreciate what we have first. Remember, it doesn’t all have to happen at once for it to work for each one of us.

Elle’s article for some of the best at home face mask recipes : 

Wellness Mama article of a delicious sugar and coconut oil scrub: 

Written By Michaela Thomas 

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