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Article: 8 Environmental Influencers We Should Be Following

8 Environmental Influencers We Should Be Following

8 Environmental Influencers We Should Be Following

Society is becoming more eco-conscious as we continue to grow and learn. Shifting your lifestyle to become more eco-friendly can be overwhelming and you may not know where to start. Luckily, there are lots of great influencers out there who promote a greener lifestyle and a more sustainable future for our planet.
If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out these amazing eco-friendly influencers:

Kate Nelson
Instagram: @plasticfreemermaidKate has dedicated the last ten years of her life to going plastic-free. She is an activist and author from Australia with a profound love for the ocean. Her platform shares opportunities, retreats, events, products, educational materials, and more. She educates others on the problem of plastic and its recycling process.

Lauren Singer
Instagram: @trashisfortossersLauren Singer is from New York and the founder of Trash is For Tossers a popular personal blog documenting her green journey and all the information and tips she has gathered along the way. She is also the CEO of Package Free Shop, a brand that provides people with zero waste products to reduce waste in their everyday routine.

Dominique Drakeford
Instagram: @melaninassDominique Drakeford is an environmental educator and community advocate inspiring ecological change. She founded Melanin & Sustainable Style which is a blog for sustainable and holistic living. They focus on eco-friendly fashion, beauty, wellness, and of course the environment. Their platform discusses the issues surrounding communities of color in sustainable fashion and beauty to empower and cultivate change.

Sustainable Daisy
Instagram: @sustainabledaisyDaisy is a sustainable blogger who shares tips and tricks for going green. She documents sustainable fashion and lifestyle, all while implementing hope and positivity into her platform. Her blog, Sustainable Daisy, features eco-friendly articles and brand spotlights.

Sustainability in Style
Instagram: @sustainabilityinstyleSustainability in Style gives you the tools to simplify your life and live sustainably. The blog was founded by Katie Roberts, who aims to inspire and educate about living green and the impact they make on the world around them. This blog is for all the fashionistas out there to be more conscious about their environmental impact and their apparel and textile waste.

Kathryn Kellogg
Instagram: is the founder of the lifestyle blog Going Zero Waste, which educates and helps others dedicate their lives to a healthier and more sustainable life. She is the author of 101 Ways to Go Zero Waste, which helps break down eco-friendly living in a step-by-step guide. Her blog has every topic from cleaning to beauty, fashion, wellness, food, recycling, and activism. She is from California and is currently the spokesperson for plastic-free living for National Geographic.

Manuela Barón
Instagram: @thegirlgonegreenManuela is the founder of The Girl Gone Green, a blog to educate and bring awareness to green issues and solutions. She vlogs about her journey to going zero-waste and has tips on decluttering, going zero waste in college, and more. She has had a passion for sustainability ever since her world travels exposed her to the changes that needed to happen to the earth. She changed her habits to help the environment and is dedicated to helping others change theirs too. She is also known for her amazing creations making art out of trash.

Caroline Ginolfi
Instagram: @plantbasedblondeCaroline is a plant-based nutrition and certified wellness coach. She uses her platform to inspire others about conscious consumption and compassionate living. Her blog, Plant-Based Blonde, features easy and simple recipes and blogs about adopting a healthy and sustainable life. Her philosophy that “food is power” inspires her followers to focus on food as a way to nourish and heal.
There are so many other inspirational and educational influencers out there that can help drive us to live a more eco-friendly and sustainable life, all with the intentions of saving our planet and protecting our future.
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Text by Molly Cohen

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